New Orleans



“America has only three cities: New York, San Francisco, and New Orleans. Everywhere else is Cleveland.”

Tennessee Williams – Playwright

Though I do not completely agree with that quote, I do understand the underlying meaning.  I have traveled to many places by air, land and sea.  I have enjoyed many of the hidden treasures that these places have to offer yet, I haven’t gone to Cleveland so I can’t comment on that city.


On Royal Street, we sat by the window watching brides and grooms dancing up the street with a Jazz band and guests in tow.

The next Morning we hit “Daisy Dukes” for some southern fried Steaks and eggs. Afterwards my daughter and I spent much of our stay meandering the streets.

Daisy Dukes Chicken Fried Steak and Eggs

We walked on Canal Street, along the Mississippi Riverfront, Jackson Square, Café Du Monde for Beignets, the French Market and of course the Riverfront Outlet. We ate some King Cake at Mardi Gras World.

When took some trips with little walking or standing like the St. Charles Trolley Line through the Garden District, the Natchez Riverboat and the Swamp tour on an Air boat.  We even managed to wander to a New York City favorite “The Halal Guys” who now have locations in New Orleans.

The Haunted History Tour with our guide Matt, was very gruesomely informative and fun for the few younger viewers who happened to be in our group.  I opted out of having a “Hurricane” at the Oldest working tavern “Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shoppe” because as confident as I was feeling in my surroundings, I couldn’t be sure that my night skills would be as good after a tall drink.

My husband called New Orleans a nicer New York City because wherever we went the store clerks, tourism hubs, artists, hotels and trolley drivers were always courteous and if they could not help us along our journey, they would find someone who could.

So if you like that city feel with a little less edge I recommend New Orleans for your next vacation.

Thank you, New Orleans.



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