Lucky Cricket

My plan had been to go to the Bronx Zoo, but my husband had borrowed my car and left me with less than a quarter tank of gas. Now normally that would be fine, however all the stations near me have been shutdown because the land is worth more as condos than pumps. So to Greenpoint, Brooklyn I must go to fill up. Now the odds were good that I could make it without the gas, but my grandmother always said that, “it is better to prevent calamity than lament it.”

When I pulled to the BP Gas station, I notice a small green cricket on the mirror. I had my camera and was so happy that I could get the picture. After I was done filling the tank and was ready to go, I saw that it was still there. I figured it would jump away as soon as I pulled out, but no. We took the highway together and made excellent time until some GPS shenanigans sent me the wrong way but still it hung on. As I left the car in the zoo parking lot and saw it was still there, I thought what a lucky cricket!

#cricket #Lucky #Brooklyn #Greenpoint

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