Politics and PS 2

Thursday, March 12,  was an opportunity for this Chinatown Community to stand up for their school. One Fourth Grader remarked, “This is a protest like Martin Luther King”

At 7:45am, at least 300 parent, teachers and students formed a picket line in front of the school then marched around the block chanting, “Equal funding is our right that is why we have to fight.” They ended up in the school yard in large circle. The reason is on Gov. Cuomo’s plans against public schools.

• They are against teaching for testing over a real education.
• They want the school funding that they are owed from a settlement that was never paid to them
• They want the government to stop depleting money from the school system to fund charter schools in order to please special interest
• (And my personal issue) stop the approved vendors from overcharging for school supplies. how can they keep a budget if they pay double or more for supplies, computers and basic essentials?

Charter schools are supposed to be the answer but some fail too. How come we don’t hear about that in the news? PS 2 is top rated school yet they are being treated like a failing one. Every year they lose about $100,000 to $200, 000 from the school budget. Unlike charter schools, the Dept. of Education regulations limits the use of private funding. As a title 1 school, a good portion of the parents can’t afford to make up the difference.

Gov. Cuomo, voters are talking. Are you listening?

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