Miss Crabtree

Miss CrabtreeJanuary is the month to reminisce, to clear out the mess, get rid of old letters, books, or papers that accumulate dust and clutter the living space.  I decided to relieve the boredom with a little “move” music so I pulled out some CDs that had not yet been absorbed into the ether of my hard drive.

During the mid nineties, I trolled the bars with an eclectic group of friends who at one time or another were in a band or knew someone who was in one.  Some played in bands like Broomhelda and Speedball Baby. Others performed in nameless bar bands that covered songs from the Ramones, Billy Idol, and their version of the song “Shout”.  My favorite groups were ones that surprised me. That was the case of the group called Miss Crabtree.

My friend Clarissa said that I just had to see this band. I was in a foul mood that day but I went straight from work anyway.  The place was a dive bar on Houston St. between Ave B and C with glass cubes for windows. The drinks were cheap and the cover was minimal. The person at the door took my money and thanked me for supporting the band. There was a small stage and the patrons milled around the room very quietly. I wondered if I was in the right place until Clarissa walked up to me. “You made it. The show is about to start.”  The spotlight turned on and then a tall slim bleached blonde walked on stage with a twelve string guitar.  The haunting sound of her voice mesmerized me. By the end of the set, I was so impressed that I bought a CD. Over the years i still hum some of the tunes.

To hear a clip go to:

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