Reinventions of the Art Salon in NY

The Art Salon has been around in France and England since the 17th Century. It is traditionally a conversational gathering of a select group of intellectuals, artists and politicians who meet in a private residence.

The H2O Project is curated by Mija Jung and Blair Oh from October 10-24, 2014. It is in essence a cousin of that idea with more families and less politicians. The featured artists Alice Sfintsco, Mija Jung, Kenny Cole, Sunyoung Seo, and Margaux Maegh works focus on feminism, politics, and the personal effects of the changing social rules in our current media run society. Despite the personal strides, these artist often find that there is a resistance to the shift of roles individuals play on a global stage. We see images of the world on video, the glitter, the clown faced women, the shards and the bright red paint that reminds me of the old propaganda posters of WW II. Except in these paintings, the artist asks us not to conform to what the media says is the new normal. Instead, we are urged to look beyond the gloss of the message and take charge of ourselves.


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For more information on H20 NY contact:

Gallery hours by appointment only

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