Help PS 2 Meyer London Get School Supplies


UPDATE: The fundraiser will now end on October 15.  So if you haven’t gotten around to it, please donate to PS 2. via (see link below) All proceeds are sent directly to the school via check.  No individual staff members get the money first as in other fund sites.

PS 2, like many public schools in NYC, count on donations to buy the essentials like books, computers, and classroom supplies.  Things like air conditioners, jump Ropes and rugs are considered “luxuries” or “non essentials”

Despite budget cuts and a high number of children from low-income families, they maintain excellent grades and standards.  The PTA works  hard to raised the money for some of the items but there is still more that needs to be done.

Joanna Cohen, the new Assistant Principal has put together an ambitious online campaign to raise $25,000 to buy books and research materials to support new content-area studies, and new rugs for our classrooms. . Unfortunately, the new deadline is October 15th and they are far they have raised $13,625.  According to Ms. Cohen:

“Why You Should Give:

Schools with more resources than ours replace their classroom rugs annually because they get so much wear. …The physical environment that surrounds us plays a big role in how we feel about it, so we’d like our students to feel that they spend most of their days in a happy, warm space!”

If you are interested in helping them out go to:

For more information about the school go to:



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